Egret Bloopers (turns out it wasn't a heron after all)


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Sep 2, 2005
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I found out this was a snowy egret.

Here are two of the shots I took that had me howling in pain because they were out of focus or clipped or whatever. Grrr...

Just figured I'd share to further support the mightiness of anyone who can rip off a shot of a bird and show how I fail to stack up against them. :)

== FAIL 1 ==
egret blooper 1.jpg

== FAIL 2 ==
egret blooper 2.jpg
I hate egrets.

So darn white, my highlights are always blown.

They don't deserve to be in focus or all in frame! :grumpy:
We should form an anti-egret force alliance! These birds must be stopped! :lol:
I have so many of these misalignments from every motorsports event I visit :roll:

So I know how you feel ... and I must say I loved the title of your thread ;-)
Yep great thread title.

Your first thought about the bird turned out to be heron-eous. :lmao:

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