Elephants of the Okavango (Backyard safari)


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Sep 28, 2011
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Had some fun after putting the kids to bed. When they are older, I'll get to go on Safari. Until then, I have to settle for the backyard.

Elephants of the Okavango
Elephants of the Okavango by Desi595, on Flickr

Inspired by cgipson1 who made some rather frightening images last year with his dinosaurs. Thanks Charlie.
That would not feel good to step on, those tusks especially.
Go ASAP, it's the greatest thing in the world to see in person.

This one's bathing/eating in the Chobe river

ChaseH...wow, what a great thing to see. thanks for the picture and the encouragement. I've been spending a lot of time pouring over Franz Lanting's book on the Okavango and daydreaming of being there....hence the backyard Safari.

Rotamimod and Whiskeyjack....yeah, with 4 year old twins....it's been a long time since I've seen the floor at my house. Kinda have to shuffle the feet to move the toys out of the way.

Here's a little trip to India. This one looks a bit too plastic....got to work on it some more.

In the grasslands of the Raj

In the grasslands of the Raj by Desi595, on Flickr
It really took me a sec to notice its a toy, great shot.
Desi.. loving these! lol! You are rocking this! I may have to do some more like these...
Ape is my favorite!! LOVE THAT ONE! Great use of the leaves to draw you straight into the eyes!
These are great! The Ape is quite good actually.
I'm loving this idea, what a ball!!

off to the shop i go to buy animal toys. :)
Thanks Nola.Ron and Sleist. I guess there is something about looking into the eyes of a primate that is riveting....even a plastic one.

Pisto1981.....Have fun.....but be careful, this is getting to be habit forming. These animals are made by Safari ltd, The larger ones are hand painted with wonderful detail.

So, I thought I would just do one or two, but my daughter is really getting into it and greats me at the door when I get home with shouts of "lets go on Safari"....So I suppose I'll keep going until I run out of animals.

Here's tonight's: Danger on the Okavango
Danger in the Okavango by Desi595, on Flickr

A few things I'd like to fix.....He's in a baking pan filled with water, but I put in too much vegetation, so you can't really tell he's in a "swamp". The rib of the bird of paradise leaf is just too prominent. Reshoot tomorrow.



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