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    I bought an Elinchrom Skyport trigger/receiver set up from the US a while back and have never really found too much time to get to know it. When I finally did take it for the first real photo shoot, it was playing nicely during set up and then punked out at the first shot! Of course. I could get it to work by putting slight pressure on the top right of the unit, but that's pretty awkward!

    I played around with it a little back at home and figured out that that the transmitter must have had a loose wire inside or something. I emailed the company from their web site and got a response in under 12 hours from their Australian representative, Robert Gatto at Kayell Australia. I was impressed.

    I sent it back to Kayell for replacement/repair. A very nice lady rang me about the problem to let me know they had changed the battery and were sending the unit back to me, but she wanted to make sure that they had 100% checked to make sure that they were trying to reproduce the problem correctly. It turned out that they were firing it from the test button and not actually on a camera and when they did pop it on a camera, sure enough, it didn't work. They immediately sent a brand spanking new one out.

    It reached me in three days - which is unusual as things usually take a long time to reach my remote area.

    The new one works perfectly...it's dreamy :) Can't wait to get it out and about and really work with it...and I see buying more receivers in my not so distant future. So far I've just snapped a shot of my pup to test that it was actually working - I even went outside, around the corner of the house with the receiver on the flash inside the living room and it went off :)

    So major kudos to Elinchrom for their followup support after purchase and to Kayell for coming through and being thorough. Well done.


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