Enroute a long drive........ (C&C welcome, more the better :) )


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Jun 17, 2015
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Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India.
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On second glance, I find you are quite right. Thank you, would a top crop help?
Maybe a little, but that's more a repair, not re-compose. When that happens to me, I just chalk it up to a learning experience. I get a LOT of learning experiences. ;)

One of the ways I work with issues like this is to take lots of photos in different compositional formats. I call it exploring the possibilities of a scene. Although I do crop my photos sometimes, I shoot enough different angles and positions to give myself more options. I quickly scan through them all to see which one(s) grab my attention the most. Very often, my best one is also among the first I captured, but there are times when a later shot has better composition or just a better feeling.

Occasionally, I look at a group of thumbnail photos to find a good composition. This allows me to look only at the basic shapes, not the details. In a group of photos like yours above, I might see only the lines of the field, the shape of the mountains and the clouds and how they all balance the photo. If I had shot 10 or 12 captures of the scene, I might scan the thumbnails and see only a few that stood out. Then I can compare those few at full-size and try various crops, if necessary.

Shooting a scene is a joy. Finding the right one of that scene is an exciting exploration. Creating the final photograph (or multiples) is practically erotic in a sense. To me anyway. So, in that context, if you forgot or missed getting it right that time, there's far less gratification in fixing what's done. Maybe you'll experience even more gratification by doing it better the next time.

Sorry, I'm rambling.

#1 has a color-related issue that always bothers me: a sky that in one corner is cyan-tinged, and in the opposite corner, natural blue. That's something I never like to see. O do like the more crisp color rendering of it. The second shot's colors seem weak, as if underexposed, especially in the greens.
Such a beautiful place!
I like the composition of #2 more, clouds look more interesting right above the mountains and the top of pic with cleaner blue. I think it's underexposed, it might be good for the sky, but not that much to the fields. The green on #1 is prettier.

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What a gorgeous place! :) Agree with everyone else--slightly less sky and more field. #2 is a little underexposed.
The greatness of this forum is that we have such great critiques to enlighten us for beetterment of the hobby we are pursuing. Thank you all.

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