Essential Speedlight modifiers


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Dec 22, 2009
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So I just picked up a few wireless triggers and and getting another few flashes to play with and was wondering what are some of the essential modifiers that would be good to have and play with. I was also wondering if there was a list of different modifiers and a description of the light outcome so there would be a good way to see what kind of modifiers do what.

Anyone know any must haves?
What you "must have" depends on the look you're trying to achieve, which is why most photographers end up with all kinds of modifiers over time - because over time, they want to achieve different looks and expand their abilities, as well as their knowledge and their portfolio.

The look and modifier(s) you want to start with are up to you. Most start with the most basic, and least costly: Umbrellas. There are shoot through, reflective, umbrella-boxes sometimes referred to as brollies, and they all come in different sizes, for different looks and results and uses. Then there are various sized softboxes, panels, bounce cards, reflectors. And of course, along with those, you'll want grids, snoots, flags, gobos, and so forth.

Have you started working through Strobist 101 yet? If not, that'd be a good place to start.
Would also recommend Stobist 101 and pick up a variety pack of flash head sized gels.
well, I have a rogue 3-1 honeycomb grid, a rogue flash bender and a 8x12 softbox. Are there any decent larger sized softboxes that do well with flash?

and is this the strobist 101 you guys are talking about?

Strobist: Lighting 101
This is a model I've owned for years. RUT 45" White Convertible Photography Umbrellas | Umbrella Photography lighting | Photoflex RUT 45 inch White Convertible Umbrella SKU: UM-RUT45

Here is another one I like. Beautiful, double-diffusion, less spill than a typical umbrella, since it is enclosed. Lastolite Umbrella Box with 8MM Shaft - 40"LL LU3226 B&H

eBay is filled with cheap Chinese-made softboxes like these: Photo Softbox for Speedlight Flash Speedlite 24" x 24" 60cm Soft Box w Mounting | eBay
I'm thinking about picking up the photoflex 45inch unbrella. It has some pretty nice reviews and seems to be something thatll last and be used again and again. I'd like to start doing some selft portraits since the trigger kit I bought comes with two transceivers and and shutter remote so I can be in the frame and fire when I'm ready instead of the good ole wait 10 seconds for the timer to go off. I'm really new to flash and want to be able to start from the basics and learn how to use these types of modifiers instead of buying a bunch of them and not knowing how to use them. which is why I was looking for essential modifiers so i could start to play with them. I dont really have much of a goal in mind of a specific use for this, I'm just trying to learn how to use it.
Yes that is the strobist 101 in the link above.

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