Ever get a dslr repaired...


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Jan 30, 2012
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Ever get a dslr repaired...how did it turn out?

Were they able to fix it perfectly?
I had a 5Dmk1 sent in for service when it stopped recognizing my card. They were prompt about getting it fixed and it cost me about ~150 bucks when they initially quoted me at 200. This was through Canon, experience will vary with manufacturer I expect.
Dropped my brand new 7D in October, which led to constant "Err 20"s that prevented it from even starting up. Sent it in to Canon, and I had it back in something like 5 business days. Free of charge too!

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An errant soccer ball ripped a 500 mm lens off of a Nikon D90. The lens mount screws were stripped right out of the camera body. The camera and lens were on a monpod and the monopod was ripped out of my hands. The D90 landed on the rear LCD and it broke too. The lens, a Sigma, was fine.

Nikon USA Service repaired it all, good as new. We had to wait on parts, so I was without that camera for 6 weeks but I had 3 others so it wasn't much of a hardship. Of course it wasn't a warranty repair so it cost me something like $275 (2008).
yeah I had to get a new shutter for my D70. It went over a period of time. The repair was done fast and the camera is going strong a few years later. Reasonably priced.

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