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Dec 10, 2007
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well i was looking online for black and white film and someone on ebay is selling 20 rolls of tmax 400 for a great price except the film expired in 05' but according to him it was kept cold? should i get it or not because thats a great brand of film
If it actually was cold, then HELL YES.

If it's super cheap, it's worth it to see what could come out of it even if it wasn't...

I've heard that film is pretty much bulletproof, and even if it was left room temp it would be good 5 years past it's expiry date...just as long as it doesn't get extreme heat or anything...like direct sunlight, etc.

I'd go for it...if you like Tmax that much.
thxs man im gonna go for it
The only thing you really have to worry about with B&W film that has expired is fogging. But with the exp. date of 05 and if it was kept cool, it should be just fine.
so my Agfachrome RSX II 100 (120 roll) , which is best before 09/2007 should still be fine? it was in the fridge since 01/2007.

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