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Sep 14, 2008
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ok, so i think i know the basics of creating an hdr image from different shots at different exposures on my computer, but while I was looking at a tutorial to actually shoot the images, it said to do bracketing at exposures of -2, 0, +2, but I have no clue how to do that. I know it has something to do with the exposure, but I just dont know how to adjust the exposre to be -2, 0, and +2. does say for example -2 mean i shoot the scene 2 stops down? which would mean decreasing the f number right? i dont really know, as i am still very much a noob.
well cam are you using..well most cam's if you hold down the exposure button which has a +/- sign on it hold it down and turn a dail well thats how it is on my D40 you should see on the bottom of the lcd on the cam it should change the exposure if you move the dail left or right
If you are using Canon you can set the camera to take the bracketed shots one right after the other. If you go into the cameras menu and under the utility (camera and #2 icon) you can select AEB Auto Exposure Bracketing and then use the directional pads to set the amount of bracketing. When you take the pictures you can take them back to back which is handy for shots where the clouds are moving or the wind is blowing. Also the pictures are taken as regular (metered) overexposed and then underexposed.
i'm actually using a Canon AE-1 Program film SLR, so I would have to do the bracketing manually, and I checked the manual, and theres no mention as least that i could see, of bracketing. And i'm sure i could make an hdr, i read on an other site that its possible to do an hdr from film images as long as the images are scanned and digitalized.

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