F-Finepix S5600 - part's and spares.

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    I have a "Beyond echonomical repair" Fuji Finepix s5600. The camera was damaged through condensation and does not work.

    I have been told by a Fuji technician that the camera is fit for spares and part's. I have a list of what is in full working order:

    LCD screen (1.5 inch)
    the full flash system.
    Lens system. (Has no distortion from water damage)
    View finder. (Has no distortion through water damage)
    The full plastic shell.
    Card reader chip and PCB.
    AF assist.

    The conponents which are "dead" are....

    The AV/ DC socket's.
    The 3 main PCB board's inside.

    The problem with the board's is that the water has got into the solder's and conponent's.

    The camera is only 3 month's old and I have just been in a very unlucky situation. As personally repairing it would be more hassle I have decided to fork out for a new Camera.

    If anyone would be interested in such camera then please email me. If you wish for an inspection then no problem. I can show you the reciept of purchase and also the letter back from Fuji.

    I have no idea if this is the right thing to try and sell a "broken" camera, but that is not my intention's. It is clearly being sold as spares.




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