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Nov 19, 2007
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Chicago suburbs
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I'm considering selling my Nikon D40X if anyone shows any interest in it. Everything was purchased new on 11/26/07. Includes:
D40X body
Nikkor 18-55
Nikkor 55-200
2 batteries
3 filters
lens hood
wide angle lens attachment
4 GB save card
2 GB save card
hard case
additional flash new in the package

I know what I have in it and I know I'm not going to get it all back, but I'm not so eager to get rid of it that I'm going to give it away. I'll consider all fair offers.

Also I'm interested in hearing what you all think is a fair price. Even if you're not interested in buying let me know what you think its value is. Its not brand new but its in like new condition. If anyone shows interest I'll post some pics.

Reason for selling: Well I've been looking at buying lenses and I don't want to invest in lenses for this camera. I'd rather just start over now before I get too deep into it.
Also includes lens caps, 2 cleaning kits. Has 5 year extended warranty. May have some other little accesories that I've forgotten to list.
Wow, no interest whatsoever. I'd love to hear some feedback on what you think is a good starting price for ebay.
Your going to get burned selling all of that stuff. I would suggest taking a hit on the body and sell it only. Keep your two lenses, use what money you get back on the D40 and upgrade to a D80 (Body only) and your back in the game.

Just my 2 cents.
Just a tip, when selling stuff like the cf card, flash, and filters, etc, say what brand and model they are. It helps determine what they're worth.
Sorry, i just reread my post and realized it sounded kinda mean, i didnt mean it to, sorry if thats how it seemed, i just meant what your asking is hard to say when we need more info :).
no need for any apologies, i think your advice is good. The body and lenses are name brand but most of the accesories are very generic. digitech or some such crap. very good advice to sell the body and keep the rest. As of right now, thats my plan. I'm going to buy a D80 and I'm wondering how much is compatible. Will I still be able to use the batteries, save cards, etc ? (I know the lenses are fine to use). Thanks to everyone for the input. I'll post a link when it goes on ebay. It'll be priced to sell.

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