Fallen angel


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Jul 20, 2011
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more here: Fallen angel : Din fotograf i Trondheim «

hope you enjoy them :)
I like your processing but little dark for me as far as good and evil goes. I think the first one is the best of the three.
Very nice as always!
I actually enjoyed the darkness, because these were not your normal run of the mill photographs. They needed some kind of different technique. I like them!
Fantastic as always!

Since they're so good, my only negative is the posing in #2. A slight turn towards the camera would bring her rea leg into view or slightly away would make it disapear. Also her front leg seems "squished" in this position. Maybe, you could have placed a small stone or rock under her left hand would have lifted her whole position up slightly, losing the "squished" feeling of the front leg, and you would also have her left hand in view.

I don't want to nitpick, but your very good and I think the small things are what your looking to improve.

I could also be very wrong.

Great set. Keep posting.
Have you thought about doing something with similar hair but make it more demonic? Make her skin look all red with black outfit or nude? The hair looks more like a demon than an angel to me.
HI :) Im hoping to have the time to do more avantgarde style shoots this year, so why not :) and you are so correct about the hair.

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