Family Portrait of seven


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Feb 9, 2009
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So, I have a shoot tomorrow in my studio with a family of seven. Mom, dad and five children (ages 10 down). Wondering if anyone has some ideas for positioning and/or lighting. Looking for some classic and some different ideas. Any help would be appreciated. The shoot will be done in my studio stobes with lightboxes is what I am using. Thanks all!
Look at plenty of bounce, go for a classic pose, then get a few natural ones.
2 hints and one free piece of advice:

1. Lighting, lighting, lighting!
Getting 7 people in one shot without shadows is not easy.

2. Pose
Getting 5 people to not have one covering the light, shading the face of another is complex and challenging. Watch the poses/positions.

3. Free advice:
If you understand lighting, how it works and how to take advantage of it... you would know all about #1 and #2 and how to avoid this... learn about lighting... start with Strobist and focus on Lighting 101 and 102.

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