Favorite B&W film

Favorite B&W film

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May 15, 2003
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Gilbert, AZ
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What is your favorite B&W film? I have only shot one roll of Kodak Tri-X developed with Rodinal. My dad did it and didn't have a thermometer, so we guessed on the temperature. I've also heard this film is great pushed to 1600.

I hear XP-2 is the highest contrast B&W available so I would like to try that as well.

I would like to buy the reel and chemicals to develop my own so I can get instant gratification.
HP5 Plus - cheap and beautiful ;)
It's silly to develop film for contrast - better to get an average contrast with lots of detail, and PRINT (or scan) for the contrast.
Not a fan of black and white film or photos. I have shot maybe four rolls in my life. If I would shoot a roll of film that I thought would would be more appropriate in B&W, my lab can make B&W prints from color negs.
i'm with Bob..hp5 is a workhorse. fp4 and panf are beauties as well.

your trix - guessing at any variable (time/temp/dilution/etc.) will result in 'eh' negatives.

oh, and for pushing, hp5 again :) pushes extremely well.

xp2 is the lowest contrast film in black and white. it holds highlight detail extremely well even in overhead bright sun. if you want extreme contrast, on a normal b&w emulsion, start by over developing a film like hp5 by 35% or so. if you REALLY want high contrast, try tech pan.

there's nothing like the experience of developing black and white film.
:camera: I use Ilford XP2 most of the time when I shoot B&W. ItÂ’s a C-41 process film. As for it being the highest contrast available. I would say no. Ilford SFX 200 is an Extended Red Sensitivity film, used it on a trip a few years ago. All most to much contrast IMO :?

Used Ilford SFX 200 for both of these photos

Ilford XP2

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