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Aug 6, 2010
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What is your favorite lens to shoot portraits with?
I don't shoot weddings ... but-

It's still a tough one. I think I would go with the 85mm 1.8. Maybe the 100mm 2.8 macro...
The one that is correct for the job.
What format? micro 4/3rds, crop sensor, fullframe (35mm) or are we looking at medium or even large format camera bodies? Heck also what brand you shoot with will affect which lenses are possible for you to use

Different sensor sizes will affect the rough distribution of favoured lenses for the sort of shots you are after - especially at the prime lens point.
My 18-55mm:greenpbl: (But I do use it often and I love it.... alright I'll leave now)
The one that is correct for the job.


It depends on my mood, too. Sometimes I'm in the telephoto groove and other times I feel like shooting UWA.
Portraits--I like a 70-200 2.8 zoom much of the time....it's very flexible in terms of focal lengths and speed of handling, and the Nikon and Canon models have nice bokeh. The weight is a bit heavy, but it's manageable for sessions that do not last a long time. A 70-200 works well on APS-C and FF digital bodies.

I used to shoot weddings with primes 65-80-150 on Bronica 6x6 and 645 backs using the SQ-AM camera, which accepts the 645 backs and shoots a nice "tall" with the 80mm becoming a very nice short semi-telephoto,and the 150 becoming a longer telephoto.

Landscapes--don;t shoot that many, but I like the small-scale ones, which means more telphoto, narrow looks at only segments of the landscape. Again, 70-200 and or 300mm.
Current one that I have be either the 60 /2 Macro or the 17-50 /2.8 Tamrons. The zoom is more versatile, but there is almost nothing the 60 Macro can't do so yeah, that's probably my favorite though it's a tough call.
17-40 for landscapes
50, 100, and 70-200 for portraits
I'm not sure entirely, but I know it's one of these.


Bada, Bing, Bada, Boom, that's the name of that tune! ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ :thumbup:;)

Weddings - Hate shooting weddings. I have only done one. I hated it. Maybe I wouldn't have hated it so bad if I had a 24-70mm f/2.8L
Portraits - I use almost exclusively the 50mm f/1.4 and the 85mm f/1.8. Sometimes the 100mm f/2.8 Macro as well.
Landscapes - I have to be honest with you. Before I started using the 20-35 f/2.8L, I was actually quite happy with my 18-55 kit lens. No, of course it's not terribly sharp, but I've printed 11x14s with it that I wasn't unhappy with.

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