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Nov 28, 2011
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As I was reading the forum today I read about a scuff on new gear. My camera was sitting beside me and I looked it over to find that there are wear marks from my hands and fingers, spots are already worn smooth and shiny from use and it made me smile :)

So that got me to thinking, what other simple things I enjoy and this is my short list off the top of my head, I'm sure there are more:

the wear on my camera
the sound of walking and driving on a gravel road
the smell of coffee
squeaky snow (on a super cold dry day the snow squeaks when you walk on it or pack a snowball)
a shot that makes me catch my breath when I chimp

So what are your simple pleasures?
Listening to my 4 y-o laugh when him and his sister are playing.
rolling in a 40 foot putt for birdie.
wheelin' on the trails or the river in my Jeep with the top off. (heck just driving my jeep with the top off)


Picking a mandolin and/or guitar and singing, while enjoying company of good friend and cool beverages.
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A hot mug of tea warming my hands.
Mr Squirrels throwing me chocolate as he walks in the door and is piled into by the junior squirrel league.
Sushi with obnoxious amounts of wasabi.
When the eldest junior squirrel starts sentences with "Also known" like a proclamation. "Also known, you had so much fun at the park!"
Baby squirrel's 2 new teeth.
Time alone even a few minutes.

ETA: To be honest, the chocolate is self defense, but it works.
ETA: also adding stuff to posts with "ETA"
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Sitting in the woods where it's quiet.
Playing guitar.
Taking the horse out for a ride.
Watching a movie with Sophie.
Seeing people happy.
Casual birding/nature walks with wifey and having her come to show me a shot she captured and is very excited about.
My daughter making the deans list in college.
My son making a tackle in football - just hearing his name over the PA system.
Hitting a 275 yard drive when I did not swing too hard.
Homemade banana pudding with vanilla wafers!!!!
I can see I'm going to have to like every post in this thread.

Reminds me of this gem:
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Almost everything about summer--the heat, fresh fruit, fresh veggies straight from the backyard, time in the pool...

The smell of a freshly mown lawn.

Sitting somewhere by the water for hours on end watching birds.

Cherry Pie.
Also, all other kinds of pie. :D

Looking back through my favorite photos.
Looking at my son's artwork.

Hearing my phone ring and then seeing on the caller ID that it's one of my boys.

Signing my name to one of "my" boys (not my actual kids, but scouts I've worked with) Eagle Scout application packets.

A well-made frozen margarita.

Watching a kitten.

Watching a waterfall.

Sitting at the beach with my chair right at the tide, just watching the waves roll in and out, and putting my hands down in the water to feel the tug of the tide as the water flows back out.

Listening to one of my boys tell me about something, anything, that makes their eyes light up.

Watching football. American football. Also, watching the football that we Americans call soccer. :D


Certain smells--fresh-brewed coffee, bread or cookies fresh out of the oven, the smell of hyacinth flowers,

Plus several things that make me REALLY, REALLY happy that I won't list because it would probably cause the thread to devolve into a religious discussion... :D )

This list could go on and on and on, because the more you THINK about the simple things that give you pleasure, the more of them you realize there are. But THESE are a FEW of my favorite things...
Arriving 20 minutes before the train leaves and just sit there and listen to all the different sounds, from people talking to birds tweeting to wind blowing to bees humming to the music from someone's ear phones. AND, I feel good when I see people in a hurry and running to the train, when I can sit patiently and listen to my sounds. Is that bad?
-Getting 'the' shot
-The sound of the first start of a long dormant engine restored and nursed back to life
-The distant sound of a locomotive horn in the evening
My son still wanting to cuddle while watching tv. He's 7, so I don't have much longer.
Heavy rain against a window.
Putting the top down on the convertible
The sunrise. (I don't get to see that, that often...hehe I'm not a morning person!)
Hot chocolate after shoveling snow.
Hugging the warm clothes coming out of the dryer, during the winter. =)
Waking up in the morning and realizing you have another hour to sleep!!
A tropical drink in a tropical location
My dog's tail wagging wildly when I get home.

Thanks!! This was nice and relaxing to think about!
I love the smell of propane burning in the morning!
I love the smell of propane burning in the morning!

I started to include in my list that I love the smell of the gasoline fumes when I'm putting gas in the car...but most people look at me like I'm nuts when I admit that... :lmao:
I love the smell of propane burning in the morning!

I started to include in my list that I love the smell of the gasoline fumes when I'm putting gas in the car...but most people look at me like I'm nuts when I admit that... :lmao:

I say go for it! It's time us fume lovers are more accepted!

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