Feedback system for the Bi-Weekly assignments.


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Nov 19, 2007
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Two ideas on this front.

1. Find someone on here with the skill and the desire to give feedback to each photo posted in the Bi-Weekly assignments before the next one is due.

2. Create discussion thread where we can discuss the pictures that have been submitted


1. Difficult to find someone willing to devote their time to it.

2. Could lead to blind leading the blind type situations.
If I understood the previous conversation correctly, I am personally not fond of the idea, it takes away some of the fun element. Making the assignments more like homework than inspiration is a step in the opposite direction from where you are looking to go at the moment.

However, don't throw the idea away completely, this could possibly evolve into somthing grater that would increase the scope of the "assignment" concept later on down the road.
I wouldn't be keen on this either. As Battou says, this has always been intended as a bit of fun, not a serious tool for personal photographic development. If people wish to comment then they will. Given the reticence of the moderation team to resurrect the Critique Forum (which is in effect what you're asking for), I just don't see this one flying at all.

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