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Jun 27, 2010
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Went out as the snow was all melting here in WA. C&C appreciated.


(which one better, BW or regular?)


Loved the second image, was not a fan of the black & white one, just doesn't look nice to me. I feel like it should be in color. Just my thought :D Good job!
I agreed. The second image is much better. It got some beautiful colors, and a better composition.
#1 Lots of empty space on the right that make the image feel very unbalanced. Also, I'd like to see more detail in the leaves to the left. I think a tall crop would be more effective. Just crop out the entire right half and play with curves to get more detail in the shadows.

#2 Again, there is a lot of empty space at the bottom. Not completely empty of course, but it's a distraction. I think I would also lose the dark blob of branches on the right. It seems out of place in relation to the subject and is a distraction. The sole attention should be given to the beautiful refractions in the ice.

I don't like the B&W at all. The small bits of red mixed in with the large field of blue is an nice contrast and I think you lose part of the effectiveness of the image when you take away that contrast.
re: 1st one -- I wanted it slightly more negative space to give it a feel of insecurity (since the drop of water is about to fall) ... is that a good reason to give that much negative space?

here's an edit with the branch ... better?


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