Fill flash on a D-50


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Feb 15, 2006
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Im at work away from my manual and was just wondering how to use the fill flash on a Nikon D-50. If anyone could let me know before 5 I would appreciate it. I rarely take picturs of people but would like to begin.
Does it have FEC? Flash exposure compensation? If so, just dial it down a little.
BY FEC do you mean the ability to change to strength of the flash? I can do this but do I have to put the flash onto a different setting to make sure it fires during the day? or should I just pop the flasj up dial it down a couple levels and take the shot?
Yea i dont have mine in front of me... but just pop up the flash and it will fire no matter what.... then just adjust the strength in the digital menu. :)
Nice, sounds easy enough. i tried it this weekend but I didn't think it fired I guess it must have and I didn't notice. How do you like your d50
I love it!!.... it can still amaze me, even 4 months on. For the money you cant really complain about anything...... and on my budget im glad i spent less on a body and spent more on lenses. I was thinking of the D70s, at the time it had just come out, but i wouldn't have been able to afford anything else. Now aswell as the two kit lenses, i'v also got the sigma 70-300 super macro II, and the 50mm 1.8.... both perform great with the D50 and neither are expensive. So i'm v.happy with all my purchases so far......(apart from the Paragon 400mm lens i bought on ebay... but less said about that the better!)

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