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    There has probably been threads on this topic before but I couldn't find any.

    What is the general opinion on getting your photos from a 35mm SLR film onto your pc and then eventually onto the web.

    I have scanned a few in the past however I found that depending on the colours/picture content some would come out very grainy or there would be marks on the picture (even after giving the glass on the scanner a good clean)

    Any advice will be appreciated.

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    The best option is a dedicated film scanner rather than using a flatbed to scan the prints.

    These days, most photofinishers are using digital machines so it's quite easy to get your photos on a CD when you have them developed.

    Sometimes, I don't even bother to get prints. Just develop and scan to CD. Only cost a couple dollars.

    One you have a file you want to share on the web, you need to upload it to a host. There is a thread at the top of the photo gallery topic here that tells you how to do that.

    I recommend using

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