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Jun 13, 2007
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Can i get some info on what the letters in brackets are on the side of filters?

like i have some UV filters and they say UV (O)
and i purchased another one today and it says UV (N)
I cant seem to find anything on google.
lil info please?
that O is a 0
It means it doesn't affect the colour balance, I'm pretty sure.
I have not found reliable information about the (N) designation anywhere on the net. But (0) (zero) is the Wratten number for UV.

There seems to be talk that N is just the same thing but it being a designator for Neutral rather then displaying the Wratten number.

yeah i couldnt find anything on it, so i was confused, as i grabbed a hoya hmc uv filter off ebay yesterday and saw the (n) on it. and didnt know what it meant
^^^ dont by hoyas!! please save yourself the aggrivation

they get dirty easily. and are near impossible to clean properly. youll wind up buying a better brand later on. guarenteed.

ya there cheap and dandy for the average person. but if you plan on shooting a while as a continuous hobby. dont go with hoya.

thats just like going with ebay slaves or pocket wizards.

ebays are about $30
PW's are about $150 per unit.

ebays will not always fire and last maybe a year,

PWS will fire everytime guarenteed, there durable and will last for years.
Funny I have no problem with any of my Hoyas'. The N is for neutral, cant remeber where I found it but, I remember that.

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