Filters on ebay for my d40


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Jan 13, 2008
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I want to get a couple different filters for my d40. I looked on ebay, and there are all sorts that fit my camera, and they seem cheap. some 23 piece kits with different colors and everthing. i think they would be fun to play with.

I mainly want to use a just all around protection of the lens, and a poloarizing filter for reflective shots.

can anyone point me in the right direction, and teach me about what filter to stay away from, or filters to buy? or just general info?
any filter under like 50 dollars will probably not HELP you get good contrasty images. Theres a camera store by my house that sells filters like its their only job, but they usually talk people into buying the 15 dollar ones saying that its easier to buy a 15 dollar filter than another 200 dollar lens or whatever, but the thing is, if you have really good glass, you'll want good filters or its like putting skateboard wheels on a porsche. sure, it'll work, but a set of 20 inch rims would work better (if you could afford it) i'm guessing you're fairly new to photography (since you have a d40) so the filter issue probably wont matter a huge amount to you. (i dont use expensive filters either, i'm just telling you what a pro friend told me) but i'd reccomend a polarizer for sure, maybe a grey graduated filter (you'd probably need a filter holder from cokin for that) maybe a couple colored filters just for fun? a hoya R72 infrared filter is also a fun one to have on hand. other than that, i dont really know of anything else that i'd really recommend, there are a few special effect filters , but with photoshop, there isnt as much of a need for a lot of filters at all anymore

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