Final Decision, a good one?


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Aug 6, 2010
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Hello TPF how are ya? Fantastic! I'm good too thanks for asking.

Alright I have come to the conclusion to go with my third option (for those of you who have read my previous threads) which is to keep my D40x body but search far and wide for nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 AF-S. Which to my understanding is impossible to find on craigslist, Ebay however is different. My main question being where else can I get this lens? I know it's been discontinued and all but there has to be a place online or somewhere that has this lns for sale. Also a dillemma, I have never ever ever bought anything from ebay, only from Amazon, but they only have the af-d version which I could care less about (right?). Since it will be my first time buying from ebay (if i go with that choice) I don't know how comfortable I am with it.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

PS. anybody have experience with this lens and wants to re assure me I made the right decision.
With ebay stick to reliable traders when possible - check their ratings and read the comments on the bad/neutral ones. Sometimes they might just say that postage was a little slow or they might show up a more pressing problem with trading with that person.
98% or around there is idealy the sort of grade you want to trade with and with 100+sales.

However sometimes for rarer items you can't trade like that - the person might have only made one or two sales. From there you have to protect yourself - deal through ebay and paypal which should protect you and make sure postage at their end it with insurance and idealy tracking so that they can give you the tracking number.
Ask questions before the auction ends, see if the seller responds to you and how quickly. Google 'how to snipe a bid on ebay'. Research the sellers feedback. Make sure the pictures of the item are legit and not stock photos from the web. Pay attention to S&H because sometimes that can be ridiculously expensive, even for regional shipping.

Good luck. Ebay's great. I've bought two cameras from there and they're both great.
Buy it now simply means that you pay a fixed amount (like you would to a shop) rather than bid to win the item.
No problem man. Just wish it would have been there 3 weeks ago haha
Ah yeah, anything other then that? Like people just do that with beat up items, or something like that?

Nope - there are shops on ebay that retail just with the direct purchase option and no bidding at all - it depends on the person. The bonus of using this option is that they get a fixed amount for their sale, rather than risk it on bidding. Bidding itself has the bonus that people get bidding fever and overpay whilst also coming with the risk that nobody wants what you're selling or they miss your listing (poor titling for searching) and thus you end up losing something for far under what its value is.
Alright thanks for the ebay info. Helped alot for sure, and Supraman you commented on a different one in the equipment forum. I posted in both spots to get the maximun feedback.

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