Finaly got my frist camera what you guys think?


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Dec 11, 2006
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I just got my first camera

Rebel XTi

Lens 1:
EFS 18-55mm Canon

Lens 2:
EF 75-300 1:4-5.6

What you guys think good buy?
I am wondering what is the best wait to maintain it properly keep it clean and so on.

I took some photos today and I love it, I own a web design business so I was taking photos of houses for my clients nothing exciting really but I enjoyed the camera very much.

Looking forward to some opinions..
Great buy!! well done. I got started in the SLR on the rebel XT. Served me well for the last 3 years now. You should be pleased with it.

No maintenance really but it is a light weight so handle with care. When changing lenses hold the camera face down so nothing can fall into it and cap everything quickly. I've still not got any dust into mine and I work with 4 lenses.

No other comments I really wanna here if I got a good start up kit here or should I look to upgrade the lenses I am looking to shoot anything from people close up to landscaps and small insects.. I want something that will get me a CRISP pictures..

I look some shots already playing around reading the manual I put it on highest quality 3888x2000 something like that dimensions of the picture I got MacPRO with 23" HD Cinema display but it seams pictures have NOISE in them. For example I took a picture of my kid close up zoom of the FACE. then for example around the eye ball is all pixled out its not smooth and crisp but if I make the picture small from 3000 to 2000 or smaller it is SUPER SUPER CRIPS and I can't see the fuzzz

Help thanks
If you're viewing zoomed at 100% on the screen, it's not going to look totally sharp. If you had a sharper lens, it would look sharper, but still not that 'super super crisp' look when zoomed right in. But if you have a properly focused and exposed shot, your prints will definitely not be fuzzy or pixelated. As for noise, you are going to get some if you shoot at higher ISO settings. Solution is either to not shoot at higher ISO, or to use noise reduction software after the fact. Careful exposure should also help keep noise to a minimum.

At some point, sooner or later, you may want to upgrade the lenses, but honestly it doesn't sound like the lenses are causing a problem at the moment. I would suggest using what you have for a while, getting to know the camera and some of the basics of digital photography. Then you will be in a better position to upgrade if you decide to do so.
Thanks ZaphodB I appreciate the suggestions.. I wasn't planing on going tomorrow to the store and buying new lens just wondering to keep my self informed.. I checked Canon site for lenses there is so many of them and some are so BIG damn they must cost a fortune probably :)...
My wife took this one yesterday its my favorite one by far.

This is my older daughter my wife was playing with camera when I wasn't home and kid was posing for her :)...

I love it I dunno about you pros what you think?
I think that's a perfectly fine kit to start out with.
It's basically the same kit I started with (XT instead of XTi, same lenses though).

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