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Dec 18, 2007
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Hello! I wanted to "pick" your mines and Figure out were I should Look For getting A job ( I am Sixteen), Maybe Being a "Jr" Assistant, or Should I Try to Look in a related field like, Engineering , etc. Should I put a profolio toegether, and start my resume. and/or do you have any websites that can explain this to me. I asked my photography and said to look on like monster, hudson help wanted, etc.

If you feel like emailing me, heres my email [email protected]
or my myspace at
Having little to no experience is going to hinder finding a paying job. More than likely, what I would do is to get a basic resume and portfolio put together and ask around for some unpaid internships.

Once you get one of those nailed, start working on a website offering services for very little cash. By the time you're 20 or so, you should have lots of good stuff in your portfolio and traffic headed down into your website.

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