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Sep 2, 2012
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Well, I finally got around to shooting a roll of film through my EOS650. Happy with the results, not happy with the poor scanning haha, you get what you paid for!






They look good, but what's with the green tone in the 4th picture?
No idea, I was shooting Kodak BW400, and when I got it back the scan was green like that, I have another copy of it in lightroom with it corrected and in B/W, but Im sort of liking the green tone for some odd reason haha.
It's kind of interesting because you can't really tell if it's color or black and white, but it does stand out next to the others. It works in most of the shot but gets a little weird up in the top center of the shot where the treetops are.

You were shooting TriX? Is the tone different on the negative as well? Was this the only scan that has that tone? And the lab scanned the film? (Sorry, lots of questions! :) )

It looks to me like the scanner was set for color film instead of b&w. I've done that myself on occasion when I'm scanning lots of film and forget to change the settings. Maybe the lab did the same but caught their mistake but missed this one?

I really like the shots overall.
It was Kodak BW400, I believe its kind of like TriX as both can be processed with C-41 if I am correct?

I have the negative, just haven't looked at them yet.
No, almost all the scans were like this, just corrected them most
You're going to shun me for the rest of your life, I actually went to Walgreens and had them do it, because I don't have the money to have a lab do it, nor did I wish to wait.
Don't worry, no shunning. I'm scanning my own film but not developing it myself yet, so who the hell am I to throw stones? ;)

You're right, the BW400 is processed with C-41 because it's apparently (according to this thread I found on another forum) just desaturated color film. And it does take on a green tint when scanned as color. I suppose in the future, depending on the look you want or how much time you're willing to spend in front of a computer doing post-processing, you can always ask them to scan the film as b&w to avoid the green tint.
Scanning Kodak BW400 CN (C-41 B&W) -

Edited to add: TriX gets developed as B&W, not C-41.

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