Firemen's memorial - Greenlawn Cemetary


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Dec 20, 2005
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Alabama - just moved here from Texas

I also have a closer crop of this..amazing detail!
I like it a lot, both your angle, and the sky that seems to transform from black to white in the background. IMO, it is a shame those trees left of the monument is there, 'cause they kinda ruins the symmetry here.
This is gorgeous!
That's very cool! Can you tell me any history about it? Looks like it was dedicated in 1867? Can't tell for sure.
fredcwdoc said:
That's very cool! Can you tell me any history about it? Looks like it was dedicated in 1867? Can't tell for sure.

This is some information I found on this 46 ft tall beast of a statue (By the way, it is GreenWOOD cemetary, not GreenLAWN LOL):

GreenwoodÂ’s centerpiece memorial is the FiremenÂ’s Monument designed and constructed by Charles Orleans, and erected by the Association in 1887 in honor of its 50th anniversary. The figure of a volunteer fireman is enshrined beneath a cluster of Gothic arches crowned by a steeple. The six-foot high Italian marble statue was created by Alexander Doyle of New York and carved by artist Nicoli.
The monument is centered atop a mound which rises five feet above surrounding paths; from its base, the height is 46 feet. A light grey, Hallowell, Maine granite was used in the original construction not only for its structural integrity and longevity, but also for its meditative, respectful tones.
It is believed that a monument to Sir Walter Scott in Edinburg, Scotland inspired Charles OrleansÂ’ design for the FiremenÂ’s Monument. The monument honors the memory of volunteer firemen who died in the line of duty. The names of twenty-three volunteer fire companies are honored around the base in tribute to their service to the citizens of New Orleans.
The use of cast iron for tombs came into vogue in mid-19th century cemeteries, and Greenwood Cemetery has its share of stunning examples. An iron tomb enclosed by a Gothic-styled fence holds the remains of Isaac Newton Marks, (I THINK I PHOTOGRAPHED THIS AS WELL) a former president of the FiremenÂ’s Association. Marks a successful businessman, became a volunteer firefighter with the Perseverance Fire Co. No. 13 in 1843.
Interesting. Thanks for taking the time to add that information.

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