First 2 landscapes :p


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Mar 20, 2009
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Kelowna, B.C.
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This first one is on the highway to Vancouver, B.C.
and the second one is of Kalamalka Lake is Vernon.


Welcome to the forum.

I like the second one very much. especially the clouds and the still water.

i see some spots on the first image though. is it a dust on the lens?
ooo ya, i see those :S i'll take them out
must be dust

thanks very much! :)
They look great! Especially since you are new to it!

edit: I'm supposed to be following a big truck from Edmonton to Tacoma, WA... Hope to see some great scenes like this!
Beautiful country. I think you have done a great job with them both. The composition is great, the exposures are excellent and the content is very appealing. Nice.
aw awesome thanks! :)
in a way it's not fair, BC IS gorgeous ;)
Whoa, you've set a pretty high bar for yourself with these first picture posts! Nicely done! I especially like the second one, and the way my eye is drawn into the shot. What gorgeous scenery.
Outstanding shots.

#1 is what the sky looks like when I have my camera.
#2 is what the sky looks like when I don't.

Keep posting!

both are nice but the first one is outstanding.
both are fantastic
thanks for the feedback - can't wait to get out there and take more! :)

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