First attempt at B&W...thoughts?


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May 4, 2006
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Silver Spring, MD
I PP the pick to black and white with a slight red tint to increase the contrast (why do I need a red filter? :D)

Any thoughts?

iso160 1/20 f16

I wish the cars were not in the background and I am still playing with the crop, but oh well...I am somewhat pleased by the shot.

Thanks in advance :mrgreen:
Well, I find the water still a bit too bright, and you are right: the cars in the background almost ruin your photo ... could you not have them towed beforehand ;););) !?!?!
there is a little fountain like this near my house on a golf course, i have been wanting to photography it... this one is very nice. If you can reshoot, i think it would be fun to take a tripod and experiment with some different shutter speeds and compare the results.
NIce. The cars kinda distract me too. I agree with JTH. Try a few other shutter speeds.
Looks like an awesome fountain, and is worth another attempt.
Nicely done RoRoCo
Thanks guys... I will try it again soon. The site is right around the corner from my house. I didn't have any filters with me (ND is specific) so the exposure for the water effect failed.

I will take your inputs and try again.

Maybe the cars will be gone too :D

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