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Feb 19, 2007
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Long awaited Marlee is here... my cousin's new baby girl. It's my first attempt at newborn shots. Didn't go quite as well as I thought. I have NO IDEA how photographers shape babies into those cute positions... we tried... didn't exactly work. Soo I just took some pictures of her laying in a blanket. Lighting also didn't work the way I wanted... the two B&W shots just didn't have enough light. We tried again later as the window had more light but Marlee thought it was much too bright in the room and was grumpy as you can see in the colored photo.

Well anyway... after all that I think these are my favorites.





Any comments and critique are welcome... as I have plenty more chances to photograph this little one. :D

EDIT: Now that I look, the last photo has some noise. I did quite a bit of lightening to it in PS... that's probably why.
I think she is adorable! :) I like all of them and as for the lighting...I didn't see too much of a problem with the pictures at all. They are very good in my opinion. And im sure you will get better the more you take these kinds of pictures. Good luck.
they look good. i would darken them just a tad to give it more of the b&w effect. other than that i like em. cute baby
up the contrast for b&w ...
I like the 1st the best if you up the contrast...
the 2nd is a bit too much double chin for my taste (but otherwise fine)...
The 3rd is nice, but I'd do without the blanket next time...
Thanks for the comments and critique everyone. I edited some more photos from the shoot that I think turned out significantly better, I will post them in another thread. :)

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