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Jun 1, 2013
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new to the site, but was hoping on getting some ideas for a first birthday party i have to shoot tomorrow.
its at a house. its a pool party. obviously i'm going to take pictures of the birthday boy, but i was wondering if i should do some portraits of him on the side, and what i should do exactly. also, should i take pictures of the decorations and of the family? how do i take pictures of the family without being too much in their face. i do portrait shoots, but this is my first birthday party shoot.
feedback as to what i should do tomorrow would be great, thank you.
I would approach this just like a wedding - shoot the birthday boy, some nice, well-lit casual portraits would I'm sure be an appreciated addition to the package, shoot the decorations (Mom may have put a lot of work into some of them...), shoot all of the people, in short, if it's there, shoot it. Don't go crazy, you don't want to deal with 50 images of the cake, but 3-4 might be a good number. Staying out of the way is a key skill for wedding & event shooters; I love my 70-200 for this; hang around on the edges, shoot toward the middle.
thank you so much. i'll keep that in mind. my friend has that lens, i'll ask if i could borrow it.
i took your advice and i think i got some decent shots. now to go through all 700 of them :meh:
when the kid is 1 year old is hard to get the "shot", they're constantly moving.
700? That is how many I usually take during a wedding! That is a lot.
now to go through all 700 of them
Ahhh, the digital age. No one knows how to "look for the shot" anymore. : /

People still look for the shot... The only difference is that nowadays people do it after the shoot instead of during. :p
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I shoot loads, too, even in the studio. Specialising in dance, I'm looking for the combination of facial expression, movement and position. I don't mind the process of elimination because the difference between a crap facial expression and a money shot can be a fraction of a second. It's hard to capture the spirit of a dancer unless she's actually dancing. I'd think a kid's birthday party is similar. ;)
I think I took around 275 at my sons.. lol Kept about 100 of them.
okay maybe i exaggerated a little. i probably got about 400 and narrowed it down to 100. i didn't think i would get criticized for the amount of shots. but i do appreciate the feedback, thank you. i'm just starting out so i appreciate any help.
700? That is how many I usually take during a wedding! That is a lot.

i exaggerated. i got about 400 shots. and i narrowed it down to 100. i had my friend helping me take pictures. so it was combined. i didn't use any of hers though.

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