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Sep 12, 2010
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California, USA
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So I'm trying to decide what I want to get for my first dSLR. I'm pretty much decided upon Canon because all my friends have Canons so we can swap lenses :).
I'm considering 2 cameras.

Canon 7D, Canon 5D Mark II.

Which would you recommend for myself? I travel quite occasionally so I would use it to take pictures of landscapes in different countries. I also will probably use this for casual parties/get-togethers/weddings. I also will carry it with me wherever I go. I also want to get more pro-photography oriented so I hope to someday take decent, above amateur photos. Which would you recommend?

Also, what's a good all around lens (L-series and standard) for these cameras?

Thanks so much!
7D - action photography
5d mk2 - studio / low light

7D is better at moving object, fast fps, shoots movies.
5d mk2 is better at higher ISO's, and obviously higher resolution, slower than 7D.

If I was choosing and money wasn't that much of an option, I'd got 5d just because its full frame and 7D isn't.

If money is of a concern, you can pick up 7D with 24-105L or 24-70L and you'll have good quality equip.
I wouldn't get either, at least not as a beginner. I just recently got the T1i, and I love it. If you've got a little more money to spend, try the T2i. I don't think you'll be disappointed with Canon. I've used both, and I much prefer my Canon.

As for lenses, I can't say enough great things about the 85mm f/1.8, it is fantastic.
I'd consider the T2i too. I have it and it's absolutely great for the price. It has many of the same features from 7D but is smaller and lighter which should be a pro for you if you intend to carry it around always.
if you have the money then those options are great...

if you still have the money for those two and a good L class? id get the mid range 24-70 2.8? and a nice prime...85mm 1.8/1.4 or even a 50mm 1.8/1.4...

i know some will say you're a beginner so dont go all out on the body just yet but rather have a body that you'll take a lot of time to grow into and not hit a creative wall due to limitations plus a body you can hold onto through the years and still skip a generation or two...
I have recently bought Nikon D3100 digital camera.

It's superb camera.

T2i has the same sensor as the 7d same pixels 18.1 i love mine if at one time in life i get "PRO" then i spend more money in a 5d

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