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First HDR shots


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Aug 17, 2010
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Hi all, new to all this, i have looked it up on the net and thought Id give them a go. Im quite happy with these but Im aware nothing is perfect and would like any comments....





I think the last one is particularly bad as it very 'Dave Hill' but done with an old poor quality image that I liked......
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Sorry, Im not seeing the shots.
yeah, im struggling here! they are on FLickr, im trying to place the links but its not happening! not a good start, give me a minute!
You need to open up the "View all sizes" tab. And link to one of those pics instead of the original.
oh i will add that the composition of the photo had absolutely nothing to with this, i purely wanted a quick shot I could play with to trial the technique
I dont know alot about the HDR effect, just if I like it or not. 1 and 3 I think are the best and I do like because they have a focal point and a simple theme.
#2 seems to be cluttered, I dont hate it just not sold on the composition. I dont know if the cars, buildings, road, tree, power lines or the fence are your focal point. Its probably just me.
The effect seems right to me in all shots.
i think i wrote the above line just as you posted that so like you pointed out...there was no composition. I will soon be doing something alot more thought out and hopefully Ill nail it! thanks a lot
Definately 1 and 3 are great. I actually like the effect the noise has in the third shot.

Something about the 2nd one doesn't work for me, a bit dull in the colors possibly but can't pinpoint it.

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