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first photoshoot with the new camera...


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Jan 10, 2008
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North Alabama
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Alright, so.. went out to my grandpaw's barn today with my GF to take some pictures. Alot came out blurred which sucks, cause they could have been pretty good in my opinion. But here are 2 that i probably like the most.. Or that I atleast feel like showing off..



The B&W's turned out a little better than the colors did, The setting sun was putting off a good orange glare on everything.

not bad! I'd say great start if it's your first try! I like the B&W, but then again I love B&W Pics! my first try didn't go that well. keep up the good work. maybe try a little more contrast in the b&w pics . Blonde's on black backgrounds always look awesome! or vise versa.
That black and white is perfect for that scene. A little critique, since I've been learning tons over the last 4 weeks (I'm new to this photography myself)... Don't put your subject directly in the center of the frame. For better composition, she is looking towards the right, put her on the left of the frame to give space to the right for her to be looking.

Another hint I've learned. Our eyes will read left to right. If you put her on left looking to the right, our eyes will read directly off of the photo. Put her on the left, then mirror the photo. A viewer's eyes will follow across to her, then bounce back to the left to see where she is looking. Then the viewer will go through that all over again.

Great shots, well done.
Yea, Next time I take pictures I will try that. I knew that photo's dead in the center were boring.. But at the time I wasn't thinking about that... lol. I'm gonna try to get some more pictures today of random things after class hopefully.

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