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Welcome to TPF! You'll find you will get much better results and more constructive feedback by posting 1-4 images in the appropriate gallery section near the bottom of the page as many members are hesitant to follow outside links. To that end, I'll move this to the People Gallery for you.

Use bbcode to embed a few images directly and I am sure some people will offer feedback . As already mentioned people are not likely to go to outside links.
Welcome aboard.

Hourly bumps will not really help, either.
1 and 4 are my favs... first is rather crazy on the saturation n it made her skin coloring weird but for whatever reason I really like that one.
#1 needs flash or reflector fill - a lot.
#2 is ok, nice sharp, but not much beyond that.

#3 is terrific - a bit cold but well composed and framed and a real memory shot. - I do think that the areas on her cheekbones and forehead that are light really could use some fixing.

#4 I really like it. Lovely composition, color, depth, emotion There seems lot at the top, perhaps cropping to 4 x 5 would make it tighter.

2nd everything Lew said.

The little girl is adorable! Is she yours? I'm not going to take the time to retouch her face which Lew noted would help, but here's a fix of her skin color -- overall blue removal. I also dropped in a quick fake sky and tried to do something with the greens which were whacked is all I can say. Your profile says you've got a D40. I'd be interested to see the camera original of that shot as I'm curious about the greens.


Thanks for the thoughts and constructive criticism, everybody. I would post more pics that I think could probably use more help than these four, but the thread is probably nearly finished...regardless, here is the original as requested by Ysarex.

Thanks. Looking at this and comparing it with the version you posted, something unusual did happen to the greens in the way it was post processed -- they're much better here in the original.


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