First post..looking for critique

Welcome to TPF! :)

I REALLY like #3. #2 I have no complaints, and number one I wish you didn't cut off the ear and paw, but otherwise great shot!
Looking at No.1 all I could say is ohhhh :)

So cute, great picture, thanks.
Yes, I agree with the comment about cutting off the ear and paw in the first image.
Not sure why you chose monochrome for the first two images ... I would think they could be stronger in colour.
Second image, there is too much balance behind ... suggest put weight torwards where the chick is looking.
Third image, the background duckling does not fit well ... did you crop this image ?
First one is adorable, and I think the b/w works as I suspect the colors might distract from the softness of the moment. It's nicely composed, but yeah, the cutoffs are unfortunate. Oddly, I think if you rotated it just slightly to the right it might work better as it would put mommy (?) just slightly above baby. Odd thought, I know... but try it.

The colors, textures and DOF on the third one are very nice. Composition is not exciting, but fine.

Second one isn't that interesting to me, personally.
#1 Cute.. but the missing ear and paw kind of kill it for me.
#2 is a nice shot, very sharp on the head / eye! One of the basic guidelines of composition states that a subject should have more space to "look" into.. then there is behind the subject. That is what dxqcanada is referring to in his post above. That guideline would have improved this image, I think.
#3 Again, cute! Looks like focus was on the ducklings chest.. as the eye appears to be slightly out of focus.
Thanks everyone, I was cut off on the ear and paw but it took me forever to stop shaking my hands. The lighting was horrible so I put it in black and white and I think it suits it well. On the second photo, it actually was not my favorite as well. I just don't have to many photos yet and I kind of liked it. Not complaining though. x)

On the last one, I really do not like the duck in the background either but they moved around so much! It was crazy haha. But thanks for the critique ^_^
Welcome aboard.

#1 and #3 are making my computer happy! A couple of little things, like others have mentioned, but you're off to a very good start.

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