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Nov 28, 2009
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South Milwaukee, WI
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This Was My First Attempt At Senior Photographs For A Friend Of Mine. She Was Very Happy With Them. Please Tell Me What You Think.





The last photo is a first for me...I have never seen a bull thistle included in a senior portrait!!!

How were these digitized? Are these flatbed scans off of color prints? They do not look optimal on the web, due to focus issues of some sort.
They are just JPEG of the originals. They got fuzzier when i posted them for some reason.
It looks like the focus missed the subject on them all, if you look at the pics you can see where it hit and it wasn't the girl.

#1 and #2 best composition wise but missed focus ruins them. Thistle shot may have some symbolic meaning........................? :D
i bet you using slow speed. less than 1/80. (that's my minimum speed if using hand)
i can assure that your hand are shake !!! please remember your hand are not tripod.

it's a very basic mistakes.
You should change your camera so that it will only have 1 focus point
The location is good and has potential........Try to shoot her again if she's willing.

How do you guys see the exif data??
She was more than happy with the photos but if she decides different i will do them again. Else I'm going to try to practice on other people.
Lighting, posing, composition, focus, all need improvement.

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