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Jun 11, 2007
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Ann Arbor, MI
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I always used to do B/W photos by setting my camera to Monochrome, but just recently found out thanks to a previous thread that its better to shoot in color, and do B/W during PP...Because of my previous idea of how to do B/W, I haven't done anything in B/W in a long time because I could never figure out how to get the contrast right! Well, I got some tips from you amazing people so I gave it another shot. C&C VERRRRRRY welcome please!:wink:


In my opinion, that's worked rather well! The contrast is very nice, and the way the background is just a little blown-out helps draw the viewer's attention. Nicely done.
awwww! thank you! This is the first time I have gotten ALL good feedback. I am VERY new to PS so its just been a lot of trial & error. I try to follow along with You Tube guides and I also used a website called Photoshop Talent (Photoshop Contests - Compete and show your art skills - which has helped a little, but all in all I am kind of training myself so I am very grateful for the positive feedback!!!! =)
I like it.
Now i gotta stop shoothing in Monochrome for my B&W's ;)
I like it.
Now i gotta stop shoothing in Monochrome for my B&W's ;)

Yeah, for the first year or so I was shooting in MC too for BW's but they turned out so grey and there was no contrast and I had no idea what the hell I was doing in PS so I just stopped doing it altogether...UNTIL I read a thread this week on BW shots. If I wasn't at work I would tell you which one specifically because it was one of the most useful threads I had read in awhile (at least pertaining to me!)
That's a great photo! I'm not sure about the B&W treatment though. There are some great colors (like the scarf) which make up the image, but like I always say, it's a matter of taste. I like the angle. The model's nice too! :D

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