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Feb 18, 2009
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i went downtown with my friend Jewels the other day, was my first time shooting my d90. not a whole lot came out that i liked besides this one. wish i hd kept the lines straight but besides the any CC?

next time don't crop the elbow but besides that it looks nice. and a little less head space. but not a bad picture by anymeans
I agree on the elbow cropping, but overall, very nice. Nice choice of model, pose, etc. The exposure and color are great, too.
Not bad. As mentioned already, too bad about the elbow - otherwise, I think it's pretty good. :)

BTW, I don't think you could have gotten all of the lines straight without a tilt/shift lens.
The vertical line on the right side is straight, and the horizontal line going through her shoulders is straight too.
All of the other lines are off because of distortion caused by the lens.
thanks guys, yeah im going to go back and try and do it again. this was super spur of the moment, i figured the lines wernt straight cause i was at an angle.
[...] i figured the lines wernt straight cause i was at an angle.

Yeah, that too. If you had shot her straight on they would have been mostly straight, but if you looked hard enough you would still likely find a little distortion. I don't think what you have is bad though.

You might try cropping off the top line, just to get some more space between the (new top) line and the edge of the frame. I think that would make it less noticable.

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