First time shooting a model. Need ideas

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Dcrymes84, Jan 20, 2010.

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    I have my first photo shoot with a model Saturday! Im so exited. I need some help on like angels and tips on how to make awesome shots. My props are gonna be a old rusted train and shes gonna be wearing cowboy boots with pants that have holes in em and a work shirt. Then shes gonna change into a dress idk what color it is but were gonna go to a college that has a water fall and a fountain. Any pointers or tips is greatly appreciated. I wanna make this as great of a photo shoot as possible since this is my first photo shoot with a model.

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    keep the mood light.
    have a conversation and just shoot. you can't take too many shots.

    i find, for me anyway, that when i wait for a pose, or try to instruct the whole time i dont get as many results, and sometimes they are not as good (this could also be because i'm still working on this aspect of a shoot). when its a light-hearted setting and we're just having a good time and im snapping away, i have a LOT more to filter through later, and i like the results better. :D

    good luck and post up when you're done! :thumbup:

    what's your set up for lighting and everything? natural light by the waterfall? what time of day? (shoot for that golden hour)
    do you know what kinda look you wanna go for?

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