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Feb 18, 2013
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Okay, so I loved taking these softball pictures, but they're not the best, plenty of room for improvement. C&C :) $9.jpg$14.jpg$23.jpg$27.jpg$5.jpg$6.jpg$13.jpg$15.jpg$19.jpg$29.jpg
not bad, the ones of the sliding into base are out of focus which is slighty dissapointing :(
Not to shabby. I would have liked to see more of the players faces though. And quick question did you shoot on burst or single shots only?
Not to shabby. I would have liked to see more of the players faces though. And quick question did you shoot on burst or single shots only?
I had it set to continuous!

& I did get a little out of focus :( was trying to be fast, got a little sloppy!
Only two of these shots are really worthy of showing. They're the one at second base with the two girls, and the one of the girl throwing. When you're shooting sporting events, you are really looking for a couple of things. Foremost is the athletes' facial expression. It is really unusual for a sports photo to work well without the ball, simply because it gives a visual explanation of what's going on. You also need to have a decisive moment, where something is clearly going on. It really helps if you get both teams in the photo, it shows the struggle of the game.
Crop everything tighter. Exposures are ok, first one could be lightened up. I would have deleted all the shots where you can't see the faces. Make sure to keep the horizon lines straight, this is a very common mistake. Sports photos without the face can work, but it has to be the right kind of shot. Keep at it.
Not a bad first set; the next step is to talk nice to whomever you need to talk nicely too and get access inside the field so that you can follow the play and get those 'face' shots that Imagemaker suggested.
I never really thought about expressing the players faces for some reason, it never clicked. Now I will definitely pay closer attention to getting the faces...and both teams in the shot. Thank you all!

Struggling in this picture, lol! Could use a crop off the right
Did you adjust the angles on all these, or shoot them that way? The angle thing kind of works on one of the sliding ones, but the rest just feel tilted too weird.

Seeing the backs of all their heads reminds me of something - when I first started playing music in front of people - 10+ years ago - I would always end up facing backwards from the crowd. Partly of stage fright, partly trying to listen to myself... whatever the case, it made for awkward pictures, videos, and the show in general. I heard over and over "hey, dude, you should turn around when you play." Turning around made everything more interesting.

I have no idea why I shared that whole story when all I wanted to say was "Let's see the front of them." The one of #23 in the helmet is kind of the only one that benefits from being behin. However, in baseball/softball, it's not like you can march right onto 2nd base and be in the middle of the action. People move around a lot in sports.
The whole angle thing, I guess I was just so focused on trying to be fast enough to capture decent pictures for the first time shooting action shots, I wasn't really paying attention to how I was holding the camera. Gotta start from somewhere though, :)

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