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Jul 11, 2006
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So I wanted to try and create a wet look. I had no model so I used the extreme hotness of myself. The wet look was made out of rapeseed oil and water which I splashed all over my chest and neck. :)

What do you think?

I like the look, just don't like the pink highlights on your face. Hmmm. I think you do need more droplets on your face, to balance the ones on your neck/chest. Was it cold?
Thanks for the comment. :) I tried to have droplets on my face but it kinda looked fake. :/ So I decided not to have so many there. Maybe there are just a little too many on my chest. It was pretty hard to see in that light but oh well it was just a test! Thanks. :)

Edit: And no it wasn't cold at all. The oil was room temperature and the air was starting to get warm from the model light.
it works...
but what's wrong with water making things wet? lol.
Or is it just to make it thicker so it doesn't go away as fast?
If you had a few more drops on your face and you colored them it would look just like a Gatorade commercial!

I like it
Couldn't you just take a shower?
It didn't bead enough. Try a 50/50 mix of glycerine and water. Also won't make you break out like oil will.
It didn't bead enough. Try a 50/50 mix of glycerine and water. Also won't make you break out like oil will.

Yup, I agree with the water and glycerine, just not the proportions. 50/50 is for produce photography. For god's sake man! He's not a carrot, and I'm sure he doens't want to get THAT gooey.

I'd use less for a person, like maybe 10%.
Hehe thanks for comments. I've heard about the glycerine mix. I'll try that later when I have the ingredients.

And actually sweat was what I was going for, pretty much. Maybe I should have called it "sweat look"? Haha. :)

If I just used water I would dry quickly so you fake it to get the same look but stays on longer.

Thanks for the comments guys!
Did you use different colored lights/reflectors or filters over the lights? His shoulder looks golden while his face looks pink.
looks like you have a black eye, cool idea though
wildmaven: One flash with white umbrella was the key light and then I used a flash with a golden umbrella from the behind. The first shots was using only one white umbrella but when I tried this it looked a lot better and gave some more interesting colors.

Jmad: I must be on drugs or something.
Nice work rabies as always :D
you should take some ashes from like burnt paper or something put them on your face with that what look and take a shoot in some mines or something. Make it look like your working hard.

Either way like it a lot.

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