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Sep 14, 2007
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I am wondering what would be the least expensive way to get a fisheye, either for my Canon A-1 or my Nikon D40. it does not have to autofocus (with my d40) or even have to meter (with d40, metering would help for the Canon) because I will have a lot of time to set up shots and take trial shots and look at the histogram and such. the cheapest I have found is like $400 but I was wondering if you guy could point me in the right direction or post some models and such I should be looking at. And something like this is pretty much worthless garbage right?

You get what you pay for. Even at the low web resolution of those ebay photos it looked pretty bad. I have the Nikkor 10.5mm DX fisheye and it's a great little lens and works great on my D40 or D80. Manually focusing a fisheye is no big deal since almost everything is always going to be in focus anyways. It meters just fine. A little pricey though - $600. Sigma also has a fisheye coming out that'll work for Nikons, but I haven't seen a street price yet.
do you know where I could get a used one?

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