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Dec 16, 2007
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I have a canon 350 D. Im looking to buy a flash. I do not want to spend more than $150 but i would prefer to spend $100. any prduct suggestions or tips on what to look for (what realy matters what doesnt etc)? keep in mind i hardly know a thing about flashes.
If you want something that'll do TTL and be more useful than the built in flash, you're kinda screwed...flashes are expensive..there's lots of electronics and stuff in there...

you could get a Sunpak 383 if you want...but I'd seriously think about saving a bit and getting the EX430...
from reading a small article i figure TTL would be worth saving up for. Is a flash good to buy used or am i better off just getting a new one. Im only 18 and currently unemployed so money is hard to come by for the moment.
Canon flashes that are E-ttl compatible are worth the investment even though they are expensive. Unfortunately, at a $100 budget your choices are going to be very limited. You could search for the 430EX used but even that flash is going to be difficult to find under $100.

The final option is the very compact but not very powerful/flexible Canon 220EX. It is E-ttl compatible but doesn't have a swivel/bounce head and short guide number. The good news is that it only runs for about $120 new.

Warning about using older flashes. Some older flashes have high trigger voltages (IIRC more than Canon's limit of 6volts). These high voltages can easily damage the camera. Make sure you research your options prior to going this path.
I was at the local camera store yesterday and noticed they had a 420ex for sale for $150 in their used department (http://www.jackscamera.com).

I'm pretty sure one would do what you want, but they're previous generation and they're at the upper end of your budget - just thought I'd mention it. They're still e-ttl and such and they're dslr safe. I don't remember how many AF points the 350d has, but the af assist on the 420 will cover 7.

Having said that, you may be able to find one cheaper. Just make sure you buy an ex (e-ttl) and not an ez (ttl), if you're buying canon.
You want at least one good auto flash for your camera. I have a 580ex II for my 5D and a 430ex for my 30D. I would highly recommend the 430ex. If you can save up a little more, I would highly suggest it. You can get flashes for $100 or less easily, but they will not have the auto features (e-ttl) that you will most likely want from time to time. If you're ok with always using manual, the Vivitar 285h is a good flash.
What about the vivitar 285hv, I don't have it but keep hearing about it.. I think its 90$?

sorry to hijack the thread im also looking for a flash.. had my eye on the 430x though

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