Flash for subjects with Sunsets?


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Nov 16, 2013
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Here's one I've struggled with for years, probably because I never really researched it.

How to you get those beautiful images of a subject where the sun is directly in your face? Well, not the bright sun so to speak, but sunsets or sunrises. I've tried using the built-in flash from various cameras I've used over the years (D40, point and shoot, camera phones...) but then, it just washes out the background. I know this may seem like a simple photography function but I've never had much luck. What's the secret?

Off camera flashes, modifiers so flash isn't to harsh, maybe a cto gel to balance colour with sunset colour, meter for sunset, maybe a stop lower. There is probably loads more
Now that would just be too easy! lol No, but thanks, I will certainly do that. I know it has everything to do with light (flash) but never really owned a light source. I've always used the built-in flash because...well....not sure. I guess I've been to cheap to buy a real flash but now that I'm getting back into my hobby I'm going to do things more technical and get better results.
Look into yongnuo flash units on Amazon, they are an affordable way into off camera flash

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