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Nov 7, 2009
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New York, NY
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I'm getting the hang of using my monolights in dark rooms. But in daylight or in combination with lights already in locations I have problems. The problem is that my lights over power everything. My subject is lit well but the surroundings are either very dark or black even In a lit room.
If I move the light back or turn down to the lowest setting, the subject is lit strangely and too little.
All I want in daylight is everything to look the same, but with added fill light from my light. But the lights throw everything off. I don't have this problem when bouncing light on an opposite wall or ceiling.
You might try a flash diffuser. It softens the light considerably, but not so much as bouncing the light does. I believe a softbox diffuses the light even farther. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
It's not the softness. Maybe it's camera settings... I'll look for examples. I usually delete all bad photos. I use soft box and umbrella I don't think it's the problem
maybe try a slower shutter speed to let some of the ambient light in after your flash goes off. i dont really know i havent tried using lights outdoor yet.
or.. if you have a light meter.. meter the ambient light and then meter your lights to the same f/stop maybe?? im just throwing stuff out there. im actually pretty curious as to how this works out..
ugh.... i guess i need a light meter FOR SURE. some people said its a nice thing to have but not a MUST
expose for the ambient then bring the lights in...

if it's still too hot at minimum settings then use a smaller aperture + long shutter speed until it works
You need "Light: Science and Magic". This will teach you how to light without a meter.
do i really need a $279 sekonic meter?
would this do the job? im really on a tight TIGHT budget, waiting on a little bit of pay from some gigs that could benefit tremendously from better lighting..
Interfit Flash Meter INT410 - B&H Photo Video

No you don't. I posted that one simply as an example. I would look on Craig's List and eBay for a good used one rather that the Interfit you posted. It might do the job, but the quality looks suspect to me.

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