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Mar 2, 2009
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Last week I asked about photographing figure skaters doing jumps. I think I've got it down as far as setting the camera and flash (D90-SB600). Just one question please. Will using a diffuser on the flash change the exposure or otherwise mess with their brains, or make no difference. The skater should be 10'-15' from the camera. I'm going tomorrow and will try both ways, but was just wondering. Thanks, Tom Beard
A diffuser will require a little more flash power, but it shouldn't be much.

Will you be using it in auto (E-TTL) or manual mode?

In E-TTL, you won't have to do anything differently, it will automatically compensate.
Josh, Thanks. I'll start in auto or shutter priority and than manual as I'd llike to open the apature and blur out the bkgd if we have time. It will be a public session and we'll only have about a half hour. TB
I mean on the flash - auto or manual.

I would suggest using manual on the camera... If you use aperture priority, it will still try to expose for the ambient light, and use the flash for fill. If that's what you want - perfect.

If the flash will need to be the main light source, you'll pretty much have to use manual (on the camera).
You might also want to read about high sync flash. It probably wont let you shoot faster than 1/200th of a sec if you dont change the flash setting.
Josh, Sorry. I'll use TTL Auto, shutter priotity. I understand that the flash can fire at 1/10,000 sec if the (camera) shutter speed is set higher than sync speed (1/60). TB
Just double checking, have you checked with the skaters that they are okay with jumps? I use to be a figure skater and oh boy that could definitely through their balance off a bit. If you look into it beforehand I doubt it will be a problem but thought I would mention it in case you haven't already :)

Looking forward to seeing some of them!

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