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    hey guys, was thinking of buying a flash gun, but i was wandering to put it on your camera, are they universal? or do i have to buy specific ones?

    i have an Olympus OM40 and also a Canon 300D. is there a flash that would fit both? thanks guys

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    There are universal flash units...actually the hot shoe mount is pretty universal. However, some flash units are dedicated for certain Cameras.

    Canon flash units for example, are dedicated to Canon cameras. This means you can use features like TTL (through the lens) metering. Canon also has different types of TTL that are not cross compatible with all EOS cameras. Your 300D is TTL-1 (I think) so any of the current Canon Speedlite flashes should work but be sure to check.

    Another option would be to get a flash unit that is not dedicated...it will be much cheaper. It will determine it's exposure by itself, without any help from the camera. It's not as good as TTL but will still get the job done. Vivitar have some really good flash units.

    Hope some of this helped.

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