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Sep 13, 2011
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Hello there,
I was taking a walk the other day and I saw this opportunity to take this picture. I would like to have some CCs please.

Flower by dalex100, on Flickr
The focus is good and the exposure is fine but none of that means crap. It's just another photo of a flower. What made you stop to look at the flower? Was it the dew on the petals? The pattern in the Disc Florets? Something else?

This subject is so overdone that you need to stop and think about these things and then ask yourself how to put emphasis on that. Get a different perspective and make a new photograph instead of rehashing the same tired old subject.

If you can try a reshoot with this and see if you can't get something better. I would recompose it so that it is either much bigger in the frame or get a wider angle so that it is not centered. I would also change he background if you can. Perhaps get some of the horizon in the background or more flowers or something else... you get creative with it.

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