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Oct 4, 2011
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The Beautiful Hills of East Tennessee
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Been a tough weekend; I haven't had much time to shoot. But yesterday, after receiving some bad news, I needed a few minutes out in nature. So, I headed to the closest spot outside of my backyard; a little pond just up the road from me. I almost never go there, because I'd only ever seen domestic ducks and geese there, but about a week ago, I saw a baby killdeer crossing the road on my way home from church. OF COURSE, no camera with me at the time.

Ever since, I go that way whenever possible, hunting for the baby killdeer. Still haven't found it. But I *did* discover that our little community pond has become a haven to more than just domestic ducks and geese. I saw a green heron, some wood ducks and something else that I haven't yet identified (and didn't get a very good picture of).

This thread is not about any of those, though. I haven't processed many of the shots, but I came across this one and it just made me smile. Which I needed. Hope it makes you smile too.

(I considered putting it in Just For Fun, but what the heck...if you feel compelled, you can always C&C it)

I love it.....great shot
Really cute up close and personal!
Yup, what mishele said.
Umm yep that's a duck. Quack Quack .

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