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Flower in Bloom? C&C please!


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Apr 6, 2009
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Ok, this is not really a macro flower shot. :p But I took this picture because I thought it was amusing that flowers came out from the tree trunk? Ok forget what I said, C&C please! :)

i.e. composition, creativity, lameness? :D

YOU are being hard on yourself....

I think it's gooorgeous dahling!

I'm no pro, but I think it has great color and clarity! :)

High Five!
That is pretty cool looking. I have never seen that happen before. Looks almost like a bouquet of flowers coming right out of the trunk.
It's very clear, and very bright, but it's very SMALL. The flowers are the focal point, and they're tiny! Also, they are centered.
itsjustbrandy: :p Thanks! *high 5 back*

Idaho21: Yeah it was weird and also amusing. I was like? Eh? That was why I took the picture.

Harmony:Yeah, it was small... this was a tree, I was way below it, can't quite reach the flower and I used the zoom lens. It wasn't really about the flower when I took it, more like the place where it came out, which was the tree trunk! :)

Oh, I also took bigger picture actually... the flower wasn't centered like that... but I cropped it and put it center because I thought a lot of distraction at the back. Hmmm... I will put up the one I didn't crop later!

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